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+ Fanfic Recommendation #1:


  • Chaptered:

1. Meet my wife Lee Donghae (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae) Complete.

2. Key to my What?! (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk) MPREG.

3. Behind the Scene: Eunhae Revealed (Fluff!DonghaexEunhyuk)

4. My Life Sucks! (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk)

5. Genderswitch for Love (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae)

6. Top Secret: Eunhae is REAL. (Fluff!DonghaexEunhyuk)

7. No Ordinary Love (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae)

8. Eunhae is real.. until (Fluff.Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk)

9. My Two in One Sweetheart (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae)

10. Nostalgia (Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk)

11. Psychotic. Intense. Merciless (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae)

12. They’re back Alive. (Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk)

13. Monkey love Fishy (Slight Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk) Complete.

14. Quitting You (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk) New.
15. Lee Eunhyuk, Marry me or Die. (NC-17.Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk) MPREG.
16. Calling back all memories (Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk) Complete.  remember faa? she wrote this.
17. Daddy! please buy him for me. (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae)
18. Twelve Days of seX-Mas (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk.EunhyukxAll)
19. 1st Bestfriend VS 1st Love (Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk)
20. Our Love Story (Fluff!DonghaexEunhyuk)
21. SM Boarding School (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae) Complete.
22. You Own me (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk)
  • Oneshots
1. magkaiBIgan o magKAibigan (Fluff!DonghaexEunhyuk) tagalog
2. Desaturated Color Wheel (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk)
3. With _ _ _ _ wide Open (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk)
4. Plotless and Pointless: Marriage of Fanfic and a Rant 
5. Two Lost souls) swimming in a fish bowl 
6. Cake (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk)
7. Thank You (NC-17!LeeteukxEunhyuk) sorry.
8. 06 April 2011 (Angst!DongaexEunhyuk)
9. Footsteps (Horror!DonghaexEunhyuk)
10. Quicksand in the Dark (Horror!DonghaexEunhyuk)
11. Holding On (Fluff!donghaexEunhyuk)
12. Cry (Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk)
13. Dandelion Florets (Angst!DonghaexEunhyuk)
14. I Love You More (NC-17!DonghaexEunhyuk)
15. Hyukjae’s First Time (NC-17!EunhyukxDonghae)